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Hi there! My name is Dan Susman. Pleasure. This is my website.

I am a fourth year computer science student at Northeastern University. I'm a sponge for new thoughts, advocate for collaboration, and proponent of discipline and hard work.

Though my most recent job had me working with Apple systems, heavily using Swift and Objective-C, I'm also big into programming languages, compilers, dev tools, and privacy. I'm getting more and more into open-source contribution and Rust. You can check out what I've been up to on my GitHub. I tend to share my projects as public repos there.

If you're interested in working or chatting with me, I'd love for you to reach out!

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I just spent six months working at Ginger Labs as an iOS Engineering Co-op. While there, I fell in love with the small team, big impact style of work. I worked on large scale state refactors, built the Notability Widgets, added support for Siri Shortcuts, squashed a ton of bugs, and took on other miscellaneous projects/tasks.

Previously, I was a Software Engineering Co-op at Corindus Vascular Robotics, a Siemens Healthineers Company. There, I worked on a state of the art medical robotic devices R&D team. I focused on application and cloud development, integration testing, and embedded software. I also spent some time doing hardware stuff, building robots, no big deal.


Inspired by this movement, here are some of my passions at the time of writing. I'm a serial hobbyist, so this is by no means comprehensive.